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CEC Advisees for Quarter 2

The CEC (Continuing Education Center) announces it’s 2021-2022 Quarter 4 honored advisee’s. They are Logan Guck and Sammie Johnson.

Logan Guck

Logan Guck is a senior at the CEC, looking forward to his graduation in the spring. He is the son of Ray and Tracy Guck of Randall and older brother to 5 brothers and 2 sisters.

When Logan is not attending school or taking care of his other responsibilities he enjoys snowmobiling in the winter months and any outdoor activity in Minnesota's warmer months. Logan spends time watching movies and occasionally reading for pleasure. The most important thing to Logan is his family.

Logan has spent a lot of time this fall asking questions about, researching and taking steps in his college and career search. He is very interested in a possible career in Mechanical Engineering. He has been visiting college campuses and while Logan has
not made a final decision about his college choice or field of study, he is committed to beginning his college career in the fall of 2022.

Logan's advisor, Laura Dunlap, has this to say, "Logan is a new student at the CEC this year and the program is absolutely a fit for him. He is a remarkable young man in so many ways. Logan is very personable and respectful. He takes pride in completing quality academic work and puts in the necessary effort to make that happen. He has made impressive academic progress thus far. When Logan sets a goal, whether personal or related to his education, he actively strives to achieve that goal. He has certainly faced his share of difficulties in his young life yet, shows by his actions a determination and focus on doing everything he can to be the best version of himself. I see Logan's confidence grow weekly and I am very proud of both his personal and educational progress. It is easy to have a soft spot for Logan and it is my absolute pleasure to be his advisor. His grin can make my day! I pray for Logan to have the future of his dreams!"

Sammie Johnson

Sammie Johnson is the daughter of Michael and Trudee Johnson of Royalton. She currently lives on her own in Little Falls and works as a server at the Black and White restaurant. In her spare time Sammie likes crafting and traveling.

Sammie’s advisor, Kelley Kilanowski, has stated, “Sammie has had a tremendous amount of personal growth since starting at the CEC. She has realized what her priorities are and has taken the steps to set her goals into action.”

Sammie will graduate this spring and plans to move some place warm. She would like to open her own greenhouse.

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