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CEC Advisees for Quarter 1

The CEC (Continuing Education Center) names it’s 2021-2022 Quarter 1 honored advisee’s. They are Tanner Fleck and Skylar Hart.

Tanner Fleck

Tanner is the son of David and Vanessa Fleck of Royalton. He is a senior looking forward to graduation this year. Tanner has a commendable work ethic. He is currently employed at Greg Winklemans' farm and prioritizes being a full time student as well.

When he has spare time Tanner likes to go hunting, fishing and spend time in the outdoors.

Laura Dunlap says, "Tanner has an infectious smile and a positive attitude. He is a fabulous day starter!"

In the future, Tanner plans to work in the construction field. Tanner's advisor, Kelley Kilanowski stated, “I have no doubt that Tanner will go far in life, he has the go-get-it attitude that will set him up for success in the future.”

Skylar Hart

Skylar Hart has been selected as Advisee of the Quarter for the CEC. This is Skylar’s 3rd year at the CEC and she has excelled every year. “Even through the crisis of COVID, she never missed a beat. I am so proud of all she has done in her time here. The growth she shown is what I wish for every one of my students,” said her advisor Christie Halliday.

Skylar is a senior this year and is looking forward to going to cosmetology school to pursue her passion. She has always loved to paint and draw in her spare time so it is no surprise she is looking to start a career where she can put that talent to use.

She also has a love for animals, all things Harry Potter, and her family. Skylar has three brothers and one sister. She says, “My mom is my biggest supporter and my role model.” Her favorite subject is math because “it’s always made sense to me!”

“I will miss her smile and her positivity next year. She will always have a special place in my heart. I wish her nothing but the best in everything she strives to do,” commented her advisor, Christie Halliday.

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