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Director Welcome

Welcome to the Continuing Education Center! 

At the Continuing Education Center, or CEC, we work with students ages 16 to 21. Our mission is to help them complete their graduation requirements, earn their high school diplomas, and prepare them to be contributing, active, and productive members of their communities. The CEC is a place where students feel safe, heard, and accepted. Students leave the CEC not only with a diploma, but with grit, confidence, and a better sense of purpose. 

Our school is a school unlike any other. With smaller enrollment numbers, we are able to provide one-on-one instruction and assistance to all of our students. Our staff takes pride in the relationships formed with our students, many of which are lifelong connections. Teachers work with students in an advisory capacity as well as educational. They not only help them to plan and prioritize their graduation requirements, but also encourage and help students plan for their careers, academic futures, seek and secure employment.

One of many great things at the CEC is our staff. With a smaller staff than a traditional high school, our teachers are able to really work as a team to help students achieve their goals. We are always working to improve our curriculum and course offerings to better personalize the experiences of our students.

Christie Halliday

Christie Halliday

CEC Director