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About CEC

The CEC is a Minnesota Department of Education approved Alternative Learning Center. We are an Independent Study Program offering youth and young adults ages 16 through 21 the opportunity to complete the necessary graduation requirements to earn their high school diploma. The CEC’s independent study model combines a required amount of seat time attendance and teacher instruction hours with a required amount of academic completion or performance. Along with individualized and small group instruction, we incorporate work experience and On the Job Training, Career and College Exploration, and much more.

All students work with their parent(s) and the CEC staffing team to create an Individual Continuous Learning Plan (CLP) which outlines goals and objectives geared toward successful completion of graduation requirements. The main focus of the program is to determine each learner’s individual strengths and build on them. Our staff assists each student in strengthening any areas of previous difficulty and provides them with educational opportunities in a one-on-one manner. The ultimate goal of the CEC is to give students the opportunity to earn their diplomas, become lifelong learners, and to become committed, productive members of their community and society.

All students are assigned an Advisor. Their Advisor will meet with them individually on a weekly basis and discuss individual goals, post-secondary plans, current and potential job status, and any other current issues the student is currently facing. We encourage all students to see employment in the community while balancing school work and progressing towards their diploma.